Karma Koala Podcast 176: Chelsea Haskins Director of State and Local Licensing @ Pefect Union…Problems of a more mature market. CEQA, The Real Cannabis California Campaign, Improving Knowledge Statewide

In this episode i speak with Chelsea Haskins the Director of State and Local Licensing at Perfect Union and dive a little deper on the day to day how a cannabis retail business workls on the ground in the state.

We talk about

State Regulators

Dealing with cities and countuies

Cannabis and primary producers in California


  • Cannabis & Environmental Regulations in California
  • CEQA Costs
  • Requirements


Unlicensed retail in California & the black market and the Real Cannabis California Campaign


Shared knowledge and information

Industry Organisations are improving

+ More



Chelsea Haskins

Chelsea Haskins is the Director of State and Local Licensing for Perfect Union

Chelsea Haskins obtained her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from California State University of Chico. She has a diverse legal background, with over four years of experience in local government, working at the Shasta County District Attorney’s Office.

Before entering the cannabis industry, Chelsea volunteered her time to provide legal research assistance to inmates in California, significantly enhancing their defense strategies.

In 2020, Chelsea joined Perfect Union as a paralegal, leveraging her foundation in governmental processes and regulatory framework. Her expertise lies in writing detailed applications for cannabis businesses, including those related to land use and competitive licensing processes.

She navigates the complex landscape of California regulations, ensuring each license has a developed plan to exceed the diverse regulatory requirements of state and local jurisdictions. Her knowledge extends beyond California, as she managed licensing for New Mexico and Rhode Island operators.

She also oversaw compliance matters for a vertically integrated cannabis business in New Mexico. Chelsea’s influence in the cannabis industry is further exemplified by her role as Vice Chair of the NCIA’s Cannabis Cultivation Committee.


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More information about CEQA

CEQA: The California Environmental Quality Act

Key resources for understanding and implementing the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

New to CEQA?

CEQA requires public agencies to “look before they leap” and consider the environmental consequences of their discretionary actions. CEQA is intended to inform government decisionmakers and the public about the potential environmental effects of proposed activities and to prevent significant, avoidable environmental damage.

If you are just beginning to learn about CEQA, visit our Getting Started page.

Guidelines and Updates

CEQA Guidelines
CEQA Email List

Related Resources

Technical Advisories
These Advisories provide general advice and recommendations, which agencies, the public, and other entities may use at their discretion.
Transportation Impacts (SB 743)
Information on the implementation of SB 743, which changed how transportation impacts are analyzed under CEQA.
Judicial Streamlining
Judicial streamlining for Environmental Leadership Development Projects (SB 7 and AB 900)
All the links at

Introducing Real California Cannabis


Protecting consumers

Whether consumers are using cannabis for medical reasons or purely for recreational purposes, it is important that they purchase their cannabis products from a licensed retailer. Buying cannabis products from licensed retailers provides consumers with peace of mind knowing that their products have been tested.


  • Californians who consume unlicensed cannabis risk ingesting harmful chemicals including pesticides, fertilizers, and heavy metals simply because they are unable to distinguish between licensed and unlicensed retailers.
  • While state and federal fair labor practices protect laborers in the legal market, workers at illegal cannabis operators may be subjected to wage theft, violence, and hazardous conditions.


  • Communities with higher rates of illegal consumption tend to see higher rates of violent crime, endangering residents, families and businesses.
  • Furthermore, these communities lose out on vital tax revenue to fund youth education prevention, early intervention and treatment, environmental programs, and public safety.


  • Since illegal cannabis sales are untaxed, communities lose millions of yearly revenue that could be used to strengthen the economy and fund local programs.
  • The unlicensed market has lower business costs which makes it difficult for legitimate growers and retailers to thrive in the industry and incentivizes further participation in the illegal market.

Why Real California Cannabis?

Real California Cannabis will equip consumers with the knowledge and tools to make informed purchasing decisions that safeguard their well-being and support our communities.

Campaign components include:


A widespread education and public persuasion campaign to teach Californians about the importance of purchasing exclusively from licensed retailers and the crucial differences  between regulated and unregulated cannabis.

Image of resinous cannabis flowers growing in field of cannabis

Tools and resources

A suite of new tools and resources so consumers can quickly find, identify, and verify licensed retailers.


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