We got this note so unless you pay Lexis Nexis or RELX as they like to call themselves these days you’ll never know.. nice to be noticed


On 23 Nov 2019, at 11:47 am, Creighton Frommer <mail@cannabislaw.report> wrote:
Name:- Creighton Frommer – Email:- creighton.frommer@relx.com – Message:- Hello,

It has come to our attention that your company has posted the Law360 logo, owned by Portfolio Media, Inc., on the websites https://cannabislaw.report/ and most prominently on https://cannabislaw.report/law-360-latest-cannabis-updates/.  Portfolio Media, Inc. holds existing, registered trademark rights in this logo and its word mark, LAW360.

Please be aware that this trademark usage is not authorized and by use of the Law360 trademarks in this context, it suggests an authorization that does not exist.  Such implication violates international trademark laws.  Portfolio Media, Inc. will take all steps necessary to protect its rights.

Portfolio Media, Inc. demands that Cannabis Law Report stop using the Law360 logo.  And any text reference to Law360 news must be in the format “Law360” (no space) and pages that include the name “Law360” it must not be the largest or most prominent brand and the website or material should include the following disclaimer in the footer:  “Cannabis Law Report is not affiliated or endorsed by Law360 or Portfolio Media Inc.”

Please let me know via email when this has been completed.

Creighton Frommer

Chief Counsel, Intellectual Property
Portfolio Media, Inc., a RELX Company