Lawyer ‘disappointed’ Mexican city councilwoman agreed to plead guilty to drug trafficking

Texas (Border Report) — A lawyer for a Mexican city councilwoman who has decided to plead guilty to U.S. federal drug trafficking charges tells Border Report that he is not surprised, but is disappointed in his client’s decision.

Denisse Ahumada-Martinez, 34, a city councilwoman from the Mexican border town of Reynosa, on Monday signed an intent to plead guilty to federal charges of selling, distributing or dispensing of drugs.

She faces life in prison, but Samuel Reyes, who represents her in another drug trafficking case brought by the State of Texas, says he believes she will serve closer to 10 years in federal prison because she has no prior U.S. convictions.

He said her plea agreement will make it difficult to prove her innocence on state drug-trafficking charges that also are brought against her by Brooks County. But he told Border Report that he didn’t believe she has the financial resources to prove to the court that she was pressured by drug cartels to carry the illegal drugs across the border into South Texas.

“I was disappointed, but I wasn’t shocked because again, I also know the reality of having to have the resources to be able to prove stuff in court,” Reyes said. “I knew that she was considering it.”

Samuel Reyes is a lawyer in Mission, Texas. (Sandra Sanchez/Border Report File Photo)











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