Leaflink CEO Says Company To Rapidly Scale Hiring in 2021

CEO Smith is assured that “support for cannabis reform within Congress is likely to keep growing, even if these specific measures don’t pass.” Reports Bezinga

“While banking remains a holdout when it comes to regulation, cannabis is flourishing — with or without traditional financial institutions,” he says.

As a business-to-business (B2B) cannabis eCommerce platform, LeafLink intends to support cannabis businesses by building operational and financial tools and infrastructure.

Federal legalization of cannabis would boost inter-state commerce, “fostering new free market dynamics and allowing businesses to more efficiently match supply with demand,” Smith says.

“Right now, we facilitate roughly 32% of all wholesale cannabis commerce in the United States, but the marketplace adheres to state boundaries,” he adds.

Keeping Up With The Pandemic: A Remote Connection

Still, keeping up with the challenges the pandemic imposed wasn’t easy for the company.

LeafLink had to learn how to scale its team while operating “fully remote.” That was one of the biggest challenges over the past year, Smith says.

Nevertheless, the company is “growing quickly.” It currently has 130 employees compared to 85 in 2019, and expects to “sacale rapidly” in the year to come.

“Being virtual presented some new obstacles both in terms of hiring and keeping the team unified, but I’m really proud of where we are now,” Smith says. “I’m confident in our ability to build a great team — whether remote or in person.”

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