Lisa’s December 2022 Updates, Cannabinoids / Marijuana / Psychedelics

Here’s Lisa’s, as always, superb round up for the last 30 days.


I hope everyone had an amazing New Year.  It is going to be a great one!  Especially for Texas…

I’ve started doing podcasts for the American Bar Association Cannabis Law & Policy Committee.  Here are a couple:

Litigating the Controlled Substances and Right to Try Acts with Matt Zorn

Patenting Illegal Plants and Processes with Dr. Jayashree Mitra:



The ABA is holding a Business Litigation Conference at the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans on February 1, with sessions on cannabis employment and insurance issues – come enjoy Mardi Gras!


I was interviewed by MJBiz Magazine on Mississippi marijuana (p. 42):



And now… Onto last years’ news!



The year in FDA warning letters:

Summary of recent FDA warning letters:

FDA and Minnesota Board of Pharmacy take action against delta 8 manufacturer:

USDA again postponing DEA lab requirement another year due to lack of facilities:

Attorney Rod Kight on whether delta8 is legal internationally:

Canadian companies pause delta 8 production due to health concerns:

Congressional Research Service on Issues for 2023 Farm Bill:

USDA gives grants to grow hemp for fiber and climate reasons: 

FDA to announce CBD regulations soon??

Google announces trial program to allow advertising of some CBD products:

Dallas Observer on smokable hemp:

Panda biotech given another extension:

Texas A&M receives $3.74M for 3D printed hempcrete buildings:

US Dept of Energy supporting hemp building products:

Treatment with Cannabidiol Results in an Antioxidant and Cardioprotective Effect in Several Pathophysiologies:

USDA grants $5M to Tennessee State University to study sustainable fiber research:

Evaluating the impact of cannabinoids on sleep health and pain in patients with chronic neuropathic pain:


Texas cannabis opening up:

San Marcos District Attorney requests legal opinion from Attorney General Paxton on legality of local decriminalization measure [this will be certain to yield a negative result]:

Texas State University updating marijuana policies in light of local decriminalization ordinance:

Ground Game Texas working on Texas cities not wanting to implement local marijuana decriminalization:

San Antonio working on local decriminalization ordinance:;

4 in 5 Texans support marijuana reform:

Mississippi:  Lots more patients signing up:

Mississippi cannabis law Dickens style:

Florida opening Marijuana Treatment Center licenses which allow unlimited growing, processing, and retail:

Louisiana task force formed on workplace protections:;

Louisiana awards 10th pharmacy (dispensary) license:

Alabama sees surge of applications before deadline:

Alabama licensing:

Georgia Appeals court hearing lawsuit over allegedly corrupt licensing process [is there any other kind?]:

Georgia announces proposed regulations:

Murder suspect demanded $300,000 from Chinese Oklahoma marijuana farm workers before killing 4 of them:

Wall Street Journal says Oklahoma is top source of illegal marijuana:

Massachusetts adding cannabis to Driver’s Ed:  

California cannabis company fined $128M for illegally manufacturing gummies in unlicensed facility:

California implements protections for insurance carriers serving cannabis businesses:

New York Times on scary test results from New York’s illegal dispensaries:

SAFE Act was removed from Defense Spending Bill:;;

Read US DOJ’s opposition to SAFE Act:

The Hill on the political sparring over SAFE Act:

Marijuana Moment on SAFE Act failure:

Banks cracking down on cashless ATM dispensary purchases:

Discussion of whether marijuana smoke causes more damage than cigarette smoking:

Scratch and sniff stickers for marijuana strain packages:

Snoop forced to change his cereal name from Snoop Loopz:

Snoop introduces Death Row cannabis:

Class action lawsuits against marijuana makers over THC levels:

Study on cannabis & headaches:

Why hasn’t legal marijuana eradicated the illicit market?

Hebrew University offering cannabis courses for medical professionals:

NORML’s top ten list of marijuana events in 2022:

Cannabis screenings performed before surgery due to interference with anesthesia [and I thought my doctor was onto me!]:

LinkedIn is cannabis heaven:

Leafly’s 40 2023 predictions:

Year in marijuana:

Funny Elon Onion twitter post re: drug war:

Forbes’ favorite marijuana stories of the year:

Failed marijuana reform is Schumer’s fault:

Stats on patients per condition; patients in restricted states not getting care:

Backlash in recently legalized states:

Congress researchers urges resolution of conflicting state and federal marijuana laws:


Physicians Weekly goes through psychedelics legalization status, with prediction of complete legalization between 2034-37:

Psilocybin legal in Colorado:

Psychedelics for bi-polar disorder:

Autistic mice microdosing psilocybin showed cognitive improvement:

Fortune Magazine on Atai Life Sciences, German biopharmaceutical company:

Newsweek on microdosing:

Great rundown on psychedelics by Dr. Peter Grinspoon [follow him on LinkedIn!]:

Paper by indigenous people on ethical principles of traditional Indigenous medicine to guide western psychedelic research and practice:

Good selection of psychedelics articles in 2022:

Psychedelics business industry year in review:

The year of the shroom:

History of shrooms:

The case for psychedelic Santa:

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