Here’s the introduction to the Cannabis Now piece.

California has an abundance of cultivators and a well-earned reputation for being a national leader when it comes to cannabis access. So with the kickoff of adult use legalization just a few months behind us, it might seem logical to assume Californians are up to their eyeballs in bud, but that’s not really the case — at least where legal bud is concerned.

In fact, because of the intense levels of local control written into the state’s legalization policies, there has been slow, uneven rollout of adult use regulations and licensing, making access to legal cannabis highly dependent on geography. Many California cities and counties are banning cannabis business outright while others are placing restrictions on key industry sectors like cultivation.


We also suggest you read our weekly column penned by Silvia of  CA company New Game Compliance. She’s at the coalface, daily, and its a dirty job.

The Cannabis Now article references this great map published by The Sacramento Bee illustrating the distances many CA residents have to cover in the car to access regulated cannabis.