The big question is….. Will anybody dare attend ?

Tedros Adhanom the director of WHO has noted more than once over the past  fortnight that we are in early days of the pandemic. Is it realistic to be asking people to gather as early as August?

We think not

Here’s what they have planned.

We believe by mid June the NCIA will be forced to cancel all of these events and like most other organisations arranging public events start thinking about what may be possible in 2021

Here’s what  they are hoping to do in 2020


Moving Forward to Support the Cause

In these uncertain times, we want to continue to share news, event updates, and information that helps support the industry. We remain hopeful that business-as-usual will reemerge one day, but until then support our base digitally through emails, webinars, podcasts, and blogs. See below for information on our upcoming conferences and to sign up for our emails.




Detroit, MI | Aug. 26-27, 2020

Midwest Cannabis Business Conference
Join NCIA in Detroit where we’ll bring invaluable insights and best practices to help those in this new market succeed. This region is already producing impressive stats and is expected to boom with the opening of adult-use dispensaries. Education will be developed with a focus on dispensary owners and cultivators
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CBS20-Email-Block San Francisco, CA | Sept. 29 – Oct. 1, 2020

Cannabis Business Summit
For seven years, NCIA’s Cannabis Business Summit has been the preeminent B2B conference for professionals seeking to be informed on the latest news, best practices, and trends impacting the industry. This year, NCIA brings this trailblazing event to San Francisco, the birthplace of the medical cannabis movement.
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NECBC20-AC-Email-Block Atlantic City, NJ | Oct. 27-28, 2020

Northeast Cannabis Business Conference
The industry’s most influential trade association leads the Northeast market into a wealth of opportunity and growth. NCIA is making sure you’re on the ground floor of untapped markets, helping you network with industry leaders and encouraging you to take advantage of specially curated content focusing on the Northeast market.
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Are you interested in being a speaker at the Midwest or Northeast Cannabis Business Conference? You’re in luck! We are currently accepting speaker applications for both conferences!