Louisiana Senate passes expungements bill 32-7, sent to governor for signature

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The Louisiana Senate has approved a bill to streamline expungements for people with first-time marijuana possession convictions, sending it to the governor’s desk.

The House first cleared the legislation from Rep. Delisha Boyd (D) last month, and it then moved through committee in the Senate before passing on the floor in a 32-7 vote on Monday.

The measure makes it so people who are convicted of possessing up to 14 grams of cannabis as a first offense can petition the courts to wipe their record after 90 days from the time of the conviction.

That would significantly speed up the timeline for relief, as current law maintains that people must wait at least five years before petitioning for expungement of certain records.

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Louisiana Senate Approves Marijuana Expungements Bill, Sending It To Governor

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