Luxembourg Ministers of Health and Justice Look To Canada For Medical Cannabis Model

The Luxembourg Ministers of Health and Justice have returned from their visit to Canada to study the regulatory system. Future developments are expected this fall.

Integrating the issue of cannabis regulation into its program, Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettelnow consider it seriously. Canadian practices should serve as a basis and inspiration for the future regulation of cannabis in Luxembourg. In the original agreement of the government coalitionit was stated that the main objectives would be the decriminalization or even legalization of the possession and consumption of cannabis, as well as state control over the production and sales chain.

The Grand Duchy has already ensured that discussions are ongoing with Canada, as well as with the various UN Offices based in Vienna and Geneva, on the issues raised by this project in terms of international law. However, countries that have already regulated the recreational use of cannabis have seen few sanctions or political consequences. On the other hand, a constructive debate around the questioning of the war on drugs was launched.

If Luxembourg finalized its regulatory system, it would be the first country in Europe to opt for this pragmatic solution, thus respecting its international commitments on human rights, health and risk reduction issues, as well as security, values ​​defended by major UN treaties.


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