According to Masa, the survey aims to gather the views of 100,000 Malaysians and the results of the survey will be submitted to the Health Ministry (MOH).

In April, former Masa president Intan Mustika Putri Mokhtar (better known as Yuuki Setsuna) lamented the fact that it has been nearly impossible for individuals or groups to conduct cannabis-related research in the country, as the plant is still defined as a narcotic under the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 (DDA).

They write…..

Welcome to Malaysia Society of Awareness (MASA) 2019 national survey for cannabis in Malaysia. Your answers will represent the final decision of Malaysian citizens and will be used as statistics for government review. Please answer the questions carefully (ten only) and share this link with your family and friends so that the opinion of every Malaysian citizen can be accounted for.

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