Any self respecting cannabis smoker will already be aware of strain of the week has been grown by Oregon based nephew of Meghan Markle, Tyler Dooley.

Details of the strain’s price, flavour and effects were released on Leaf Buyer a few days ago

In an online description of Markle Sparkle, the website says: “Noble families often inspire their country persons to craft and dedicate products to them.“For a Royal baby, a royal cheddar. For a Royal wedding, a royal weed.  “Markle Sparkle is a cannabis strain dedicated to the soon-to-be British Royal Meghan Markle.”

The $150-an-ounce  strain is tipped to be good for helping alleviate insomnia, pain and anxiety, and it has been specially engineered so that it doesn’t make users feel too hungry.

The website also says that Markle Sparkle has a “very sweet, silky taste” with “notes of fresh blueberry and a unique, fruity and smooth flavour.”

We also learn  ….Markle Sparkle tests at 23% THC and less than 2% CBD. The genetics are ideal for flower due to its complex terpene profile. Markle Sparkle will also make a great concentrate, as it produces a flavor of biting into a fresh fruit!


But that’s not all..

The Mail online report today Prince Harry was ordered to visit a drugs rehabilitation clinic by his father after the teenager confessed to smoking cannabis and heavy drinking, it was revealed last night.

The short sharp shock treatment came after the Prince, who was 16 at the time, admitted experimenting with the class B drug with older teenagers at Highgrove, at private parties in Gloucestershire and in an outbuilding at a local pub.


Prince Harry began experimenting with the drug when he was left alone at Prince Charles’s country home, Highgrove, during the summer.


One of his new friends, agricultural student Guy Pelly, 19, is understood to have introduced the Prince to cannabis.

A family friend is reported as saying: ‘He encouraged Harry to experiment with the drug at a private party in Tetbury and, on one occasion, in a shed at the back of the Rattlebone Inn.

It wasn’t long before Pelly would take drugs into Highgrove so he could smoke it at parties there.

‘Harry would never smoke it inside the house, though on one occasion he went outside for a joint.’

Members of staff at Highgrove noticed a smell of cannabis after one party and alerted Charles, who had already become alarmed at the change in his son.

‘The Prince talked to Harry and he admitted it straight away. There was no point in screaming and shouting at him. The Prince is a patron of a number of drugs charities and he took advice from the experts.

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But wait that’s not all. The Daily Star reported last year with great gusto, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wedding: Guests ‘smoked CANNABIS and sang Bob Marley’ PRINCE Harry and Meghan Markle sang a Bob Marley song at a Jamaica-themed wedding – where guests reportedly smoked ganja.

The Royal and his stunning Suits actress girlfriend joined in as guests sang One Love by Bob Marley at the Jamaican wedding of Harry’s school friend Tom Inskip, the pastor who took the service has revealed.

Inskip and his bride reportedly responded “yeah man” – instead of the traditional “I will” – to confirm their vows, Pastor Conrad Thomas said.

Some guests smoked cannabis at the reception in Montego Bay, in the north coast of the Caribbean island, a source claimed.