Although some of Marin’s municipalities have made their temporary bans permanent. Ross, Corte MaderaLarkspur, Tiburon and Belvedere have banned any cannabis enterprises from setting up shop in perpetuity it appears there are moves towards wider acceptance

They write……With a temporary ban on cannabis businesses set to expire next month, Novato City Council will consider new regulations on Tuesday that could allow dispensaries and other marijuana enterprises in the city.

The city’s Planning Commission last month voiced support for stores that sell recreational cannabis. If the council embraces the notion, Novato could become the first in Marin to allow a recreational marijuana dispensary.

But Novato is among the last of Marin’s cities and towns to adopt permanent cannabis regulations after California voters in 2016 legalized recreational marijuana. Most of the county’s municipalities enacted moratoriums, which are temporary bans that can be put in place for up to two years, on cannabis businesses in 2017, shortly before legalization took effect. But with the time limit for those temporary bans rapidly approaching, most of the cities and towns have solidified their local regulations on the marijuana industry.

“The cities had a limited amount of time to develop regulations” before the state began issuing licenses to cannabis businesses in January 2018, said Vicki Parker, Novato’s community development director. “So what the moratorium ordinance did was make it clear to everyone that we don’t have cannabis regulations yet in place, we’re giving ourselves this time to develop those regulations, and, until that time, no (cannabis) businesses can get started.”

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