They reported yesterday

Near the close of trading on July 5th, MassRoots (OTC: MSRT) issued an 8-K filing that revealed its pending merger with Odava, a regulatory compliance company in Oregon which will receive 3.25mm shares and $35,000 from MSRT, as well as an inquiry from OTC Markets, which operates three marketplaces for trading over-the-counter securities.  The press release, dated 6/30, was included in the SEC filing and disseminated publicly previously only on after the market closed on Friday, June 30th. MSRT has issued 29 press releases so far in 2017 (more than one per week on average), and this is the only one that was disseminated only on Typically, it will not only release a press release through a major press release service but will also send it out via email to its list, which it failed to do in this instance.

The company claims to have been unaware of any such activity:

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