27 January 2017

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Here’s A Selection of the Bills

Bill  SD.1826
Reduce the number of flowering plants per person from six to three, and from 12 per household to six; while reducing the 10-ounce in-home personal possession limit to 2 ounces


Bill SD.1823
would require that cannabis businesses only advertise to customers who explicitly opt-in, requires cannabis product labels to carry a public health warning akin to tobacco, and prohibits coupons, free samples, discounts, distribution of branded merchandise and “other promotional activities.”


Bill SD.1843 
Marketing and packaging regulations, establishing rules that would see all packaging “opaque,” “colored grey,” “devoid of cartoon characters or bright colors” and child-resistant.


Bill SD.1833,
Directs the state Department of Health Commissioner to “investigate the effects of marijuana and marijuana products with high [THC] potency” and make a recommendation whether to limit the potency of cannabis products sold in the state.


Bill, SD.1838
he secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs, and Energy Resources commissioner would make recommendations for energy and water use efficiency for licensed cultivators.


Bill SD.1820 
Gives municipalities more local control but bars any town or city from outlawing cannabis transportation.


Bill, SD.1821
Allows retailers to only sell flower for the first two years while the Cannabis Control Commission determined what other products will be permitted in the adult-use market. .


Bill, SD.500
Eliminates mandatory minimum drug sentences, capping Class A felony drug punishments at “10 years in a jail or house of correction for not more than two-and-a-half years” for the first offence, and 15 years in state prison for a second, with fines not to exceed $10,000 and $25,000 respectively.