Commission Announces Applicant Forum for January 23,Approves 31 Provisional Licenses for Marijuana Establishments

The Cannabis Control Commission (Commission) today approved 31 new provisional licenses for Marijuana Establishments. More information regarding each provisional license is available at MassCannabisControl.Com under “public documents.” The next public meeting of the Commission will be held at its Union Station headquarters next Thursday, January 16 at noon.
The Commission remains committed to ensuring meaningful participation in the legal industry by women-, minority-, and veteran-owned businesses, as well as individuals who have been harmed by previous marijuana prohibition. Specific policies, programs, and regulations have been created to support individuals who are facing barriers to entry. However feedback from applicants who feel they don’t have enough information about the status of their applications is both heard and appreciated by Commissioners and staff.
On January 23, 2020 from 1-5 p.m. in Worcester, the Commission will hold an Applicant Forum to understand in more specific detail the challenges that cannabis business applicants encounter during the licensing process. Applicants are invited to attend and share their experiences and concerns. Additional steps remain ongoing to improve the transparency around Commission processes, including but not limited to the development of new technology and updated guidance documents that will provide greater insight into the application process.
Constituents may continue to contact the agency through email at Commission@CCCMass.Com, by phone at 774-415-0200, or through social media, and by attending scheduled meetings or designated listening sessions and public comment periods held throughout the year. The Commission looks forward to ongoing open dialogue about its licensing process at the Applicant Forum on January 23.