Here’s the alert they sent out yesterday

Initial Access Certification for Medical-Use Cannabis Now Available to Qualifying Patients and Caregivers

Effective today (Monday, July 1), patients and caregivers can purchase medical-use cannabis before receiving an annual registration card through the Cannabis Control Commission’s (Commission) new Initial Access Certification (Initial Access) process.

Those interested must meet with their clinician* to receive Initial Access to medical marijuana. It expires either 14 days after it is issued, or when the patient is approved for a registration card – whichever comes first. All patients and caregivers also must complete the annual registration card process after receiving Initial Access.

Patients may get a 14-day supply of cannabis with Initial Access. The Commission has determined that a 14-day supply is 2.5 ounces. A clinician may set a different amount for a 14-day supply.

Click on the links below to learn what Initial Access means for:

Questions? Contact the Commission at MedicalMarijuana@State.MA.US or 833-869-6820.