The Boston Globe reports

Advocates have gathered enough petition signatures to get the measure before the Legislature. The Legislature can approve their initiative, reject it, propose a substitute, or do nothing.

In the absence of legislative approval, organizers will have to gather 10,792 signatures by early July in order to get the measure on the ballot.

The legalization initiative proposes to set a 3.75 percent excise tax on retail marijuana sales, in addition to the state’s 6.25 percent sales tax. The measure would also allow cities and towns to impose an additional 2 percent tax that the municipalities could keep.

The initiative would also allow adults to grow up to six marijuana plants at home. Retail sales could begin in January 2018. A new “Cannabis Control Commission,” would oversee stores, growing facilities, and manufacturers of edible products like brownies.

Some lawmakers have suggested that they may go back and adjust the measure if it is approved by voters, in order to address any shortcomings they might find.

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