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Massachusetts Medical Society President Henry Dorkin said the medical society continues to oppose both medical and recreational marijuana use. Medical marijuana became legal in Massachusetts in 2012, and recreational marijuana was legalized on the ballot in 2016. But he said the medical society must take into account the reality that patients will use marijuana.

“Since it passed as the law of the land, we have to see how it can be implemented with the least injury, toxicity and problems associated with it,” Dorkin said.

The curriculum was developed by, a medical education website that offers content about medical marijuana.

The curriculum will teach doctors about dosing of marijuana and drug interactions. Doctors will learn about the medical, physiological and mental health impacts of marijuana. They will also learn about the medical use of cannabis to treat the symptoms of specific diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis and others.

The curriculum provides information about recommending cannabis and about how federal law views medical marijuana.