The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court on Monday announced it will hear arguments in December from the case challenging Gov. Charlie Baker’s vape ban.

Sua Sponte- SJC-12834

The state must submit its brief to the court by Nov. 13, and the plaintiffs and interveners must do the same by Nov. 25. Vapor Technology Association initiated the case, and a group of medical marijuana patients intervened.

Suffolk Superior Court Judge Douglas Wilkins ruled on Oct. 21 that the Baker administration must reissue the ban by Oct. 28 as an emergency regulation and take regulatory steps that it skipped earlier — including holding a public hearing and assessing the fiscal impact on small businesses.

If the plaintiffs intend to appeal a recent denial by the Superior Court of their request to consider lifting the ban after the state filed the new regulations, it will be filed with the SJC, the announcement says.

Source: Mass Live: