The US Hemp Roundtable has kindly provided a link to an article published by The Hill  that discusses how the procedure works with regard to the proposed legislation

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They write

The procedural move, known as Rule 14, allows it to skip over the committee process, paving the way for the legislation to be brought up on the Senate floor. The move doesn’t automatically guarantee that the bill will get a vote. 

A spokesman for McConnell noted on Monday that they didn’t have guidance or an announcement about if, or when, the bill would come up. 

The Hemp Roundtable write

This certainly is a positive development. Rule 14 is a relatively common maneuver by the Leader for bills that he strongly supports, and it allows him to exercise greater control over its movement.

However, contrary to some of the media coverage and social media chatter, this is not a sign that S.2667 will be passed or even debated on the floor imminently.  We are still early in the process, and much work needs to be done to develop the appropriate level of support that will enable Leader McConnell to secure final passage.


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