Meanwhile In Wisconsin…. Naked man arrested, on mushrooms claimed to be ‘an expert in magic’

A good old fashioned on mushrooms arrest!

Prosecutors said Waukesha sheriff’s deputies tracked Searing across a large meadow through a wooded area to a marsh on the edge of Okauchee Lake, where they found him nude, covered in yellow liquid soap. According to the complaint, he said he was there for a bath, was a licensed psychotherapist and was “pretty much an expert in magic.” He added, “He was trying to summon a phoenix.”

A deputy said when he asked Searing if he’d ingested any illicit drugs, he answered, “Nothing that should be illegal.”

Searing’s parents told deputies he’d recently moved back home and had started a “psychedelic therapy” counseling service online. Based on his behavior, detectives searched his room and found what they believed to be a “psilocybin mushroom farm” in glass mason jars and vacuum-sealed plastic bags in a dark closet. Those are commonly called magic mushrooms and are illegal to use or possess in Wisconsin.

No one answered the door at Searing’s house Wednesday. The district attorney told WISN 12 News the charges were delayed as they awaited the results of drug tests. Searing is charged with lewd and lascivious behavior, attempted manufacture/delivery of psilocybin, attempting to maintain a drug trafficking place and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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