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Until now, these applications have been rejected by the Ministry of Health because the ministry maintained there was no legal basis for such exceptions in the Swiss Narcotics Act. The Council of States has 46 members and is the small chamber of the parliament that represents the Swiss cantons (federal states). The National Council has 200 members and is the large chamber of the parliament of the Swiss Confederation. Together, these chambers of parliament make up the Federal Assembly with its seat in Bern.

According to MP Roberto Zanetti, who represents the Social democrats, “there was a need for scientifically based decision-making principles for the future regulation of cannabis.” The City of Bern had previously requested a cannabis trial several times. The trial provides that 1,000 people who already consume cannabis may purchase the herbs legally in pharmacies. The trial would be scientifically evaluated and serve as a basis for future cannabis policies. After it’s latest rejection in November 2017, the Swiss Ministry of Health (BAG) pointed out that the Narcotics Act must be amended and supplemented by an “experiment paragraph,”  so the federal capital of Bern could review applications in the future. The fate of those applications now rests with the Large Chamber.

Swiss Narcotics Act  3 Oct 1951  (Status 1 May 2017)

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Swiss Parliament Votes for Coffee Shop Trials, Pilot Projects