Media Report: Passengers sue Alaska Airlines after off-duty pilot accused of trying to shut off engines mid-flight

If this makes it to court it is going to be very interesting on a number of mention of magic mushrooms at all in this version of events

Passengers on the Alaska Airlines flight where an off-duty pilot attempted to cut off the engines felt the plane dramatically pitch forward, as if it were in a nosedive, according to a newly-filed lawsuit.
The lawsuit, filed by three passengers against Alaska Airlines and Horizon Airlines, the operator of flight 2059, claims the airlines did not properly evaluate off-duty pilot Joseph Emerson before he was seated in an extra cockpit seat – the jump seat – on the October 22 flight.
“Had they done so, he more likely than not would have been denied admission and could not have been in position to nearly kill everyone aboard,” the lawsuit claims.
Alaska Airlines has said its ground and air crews had observed no “signs of impairment that would have led them to prevent Emerson from flying.”
It said Friday it is reviewing the lawsuit, and applauded the crew’s actions.
“The pilots and flight attendants operating Flight 2059 responded without hesitation to ensure the safety of all onboard,” Alaska Airlines said in a statement. 

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