Media Report: Virginia business fined as Commonwealth cracks down on hemp products

The owner of Chesapeake Tobacco & Vape faces a $13,000 fine for not following the state’s new law adding regulations to hemp-derived products, according to the notice sent to the business by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

In total, seven business received notices across Virginia as of July 31, VDACS said.

VDACS said Chesapeake Tobacco & Vape’s fine could be reduced to $6,500 if the business owner signs a consent resolution and gets up to code within 30 days.

During an inspection last week, VDACS reported finding five products that were not in compliance with state law, including Delta 8 THCdrink enhancer.

A new law took effect July 1, adding regulations to hemp-derived products and essentially banning intoxicating products, like Delta 8 THC.

The new requirements call for increased labeling and set a 25:1 ratio for the amount of non-intoxicating CBD compared to intoxicating THC that the products must follow.


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