Medical Cannabis Back In Doctor’s Surgery In The Cayman Islands After Police Seizures In 2019

Cayman News Service reports...Almost one year after Customs and Border Control (CBC) seized the legal cannabis that Doctors Express was prescribing to its patients, the medicine has been returned and is back on the clinic’s pharmacy shelves. The raid at the medical practice was triggered by a memo from Chief Medical Officer Dr John Lee to doctors in the jurisdiction to stop prescribing vaporizable medical cannabis products, even though there is no prohibition in the law.

A press release from the clinic, which is located on Godfrey Nixon Way in George Town, said the goods had been returned earlier this month after the CMO rescinded the memo and its directive over vaped cannabis, “lifting any purported prohibition on the prescribing and dispensing of medical cannabis in the Cayman Islands”.

The clinic said patients can once again “benefit from vaporisable medical cannabis, which is shown to have ten times the bioavailability of ingestible medical cannabis oils”. The doctors prescribe the medical cannabis to patients suffering from a range of specific illnesses, such as Crohn’s disease, as well as for pain management and anxiety.

Despite the return of their goods and the lifting of the temporary prohibition on these legal cannabis oils, Doctors Express and the government are still locked in a legal battle. The clinic filed a judicial review last year and as a result the owners said they were unable to comment further about the case, which is expected to be heard at the end of this month.

It is understood that after the raid last September, no one was ever arrested and no charges were ever brought against the owners. The cease and desist memo was issued by the CMO, despite the fact that the legislature legalized the medical use of cannabis oils and tinctures on prescription from registered doctors without any specific directions on how it would be prescribed and consumed.

Immediately after the raid last year CNS asked CBC under what part of the Misuse of Drugs Law the medical cannabis was seized, but we have still not received an answer.

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