Press Release

TOKI has achieved historic milestones in Jamaica


Tree of Knowledge International Corp, which trades under the name TOKI, will become the first company to be cross-listed between the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) and the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE).

TOKI, which already trades on the CSE, will shortly be added to the JSE trading platform having passed all the regulatory hurdles for listing.

In a historic feat, TOKI will not just become the first company to be cross listed on the Jamaica and Canada stock exchanges but will also become the first medical cannabis company to be listed on the JSE.

The cross-listing is a major step by Tree of Knowledge to play a leading role internationally in the estimated US$4.2 trillion health and wellness industry, as reported in 2017 by the Global Wellness Institute.

The trading start date along with the JSE trading symbol will be announced soon.

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