MEP Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan Proud Of The Two Cannabis Plants He’s Grown

MEP Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan has shown off an impressive cannabis plant that he says “just wanted to reach for the sky”.

Sharing the image on X/Twitter, the Roscommon politician, who is based in Belgium where the drug is legal, boasted: “I’ve grown two!”

“This is the Shogun (sativa dominant) feminised plant,” he revealed. “It’s a funny one.

“Over 6 foot tall. Over 4 foot wide. Spindly. Topped it in attempt to thicken it up. Made no difference. Just wants to reach for the sky. Can’t water it enough. They’ve a mind of their own!”

Flanagan has previously admitted that he grows the herb safely on his own balcony.

He took to Twitter last May to share a photo of his leafy bud soaking up the sunshine as he wrote: “Glorious day. #LegaliseIt”.

Flanagan, a long time campaigner for cannabis legislation, has previously said he vapes the cannabis he grows before going for a run.

In a tweet, he argued that using cannabis in a country where it’s legal means he knows “exactly what I’m using” and gives “zero money” to criminal gangs.

He tweeted: “I vape cannabis. I enjoy it most before I go for a run. I grow it on my balcony here in Brussels. This year I am growing strains called Pineapple Kush and Shogun. Zero money going to criminals. Plus I know exactly what I’m using. What could possibly be wrong with that?”

His comments came after Fine Gael Drugs Strategy Minister Hildegarde Naughton admitted at the time that she illegally smoked weed in Ireland while in her 20s earlier this year.

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