Meta reformulates advertising policy for the CBD market

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In a game-changing move, Meta, the parent company that controls Facebook, along with sister platforms Instagram and Thread (not yet available in EU countries), has overhauled its advertising policies for non-edible CBD products, opening up new opportunities for companies in the US.

The Meta announced changing the name of its advertising policy from “Hemp and related products” to “CBD and related products“. This strategic shift allows for the promotion of legally permitted, non-edible CBD products in the US. However, some restrictions remain in place to maintain regulatory compliance.

Updated policies now cover a wider range of CBD products, including hemp fiber and food seed products. Meta has removed the prior written approval requirement for advertising these products, giving companies greater flexibility in their marketing efforts.

The new CBD policies focus on ensuring consumer safety and responsible marketing practices. According to the new guidelines it will now be necessary to:

  • Compliance with THC content: All advertised products must meet the federal limit of less than 0,3% THC to avoid any legal issues;
  • Avoid misleading claims: Ads may not make any claims that suggest the products can treat, cure, prevent, mitigate or diagnose medical conditions in humans or animals;
  • Age restrictions: Ads are not allowed to target consumers under the age of 18 in order to maintain responsible marketing practices;

In addition to changes to CBD advertising, Meta’s revised policies now allow companies to promote hemp fiber products and food seeds without the need for written pre-approval. However, these advertisements are limited to the US, Canada and Mexico markets, and companies must comply with their local laws and regulations.

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