Michigan: 79 Year Old Ypsilanti registered caregiver, could face jail for defying local cannabis rules

The Detroit Free Press reports..

A 79-year-old Ypsilanti Township woman could face jail time after defying a local ordinance that prohibited her from growing marijuana in her home.

Judith Pontius began growing marijuana as a registered caregiver in 2012 for patients, including her daughter and granddaughter, as allowed under the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act of 2008, said Barton Morris Jr., principal attorney of the Cannabis Legal Group in Royal Oak, who is currently representing Pontius.

“Judy refuses to comply. She is very stubborn and she’s not just stubborn, she’s principled,” Morris said.

After the township passed an ordinance in 2012 barring caregivers from growing in residential areas, the township first came into conflict with Pontius when a neighbor contacted the township about the smell, Morris said.

While she settled matters with her neighbor, and the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office verified she was under plant number limits, matters with the township remained, Pontius said.

Read more at  https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2021/06/27/woman-facing-penalties-marijuana-ordinance-violation/5347232001/

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