Medical marijuana could be available in dispensaries this fall, now that two cultivation facilities passed inspection and have been certified to begin growing plants in Missouri.

One cultivation facility near St. Louis and another in Perryville were allowed to legally plant crops in mid-June, the first businesses in the state to gain official approval.

“If you do the math, 90 days from those time frames, you are looking at September and October,” said Lyndall Fraker, director of Missouri’s medical marijuana program.

“That’s when I think you will be seeing quite a few dispensaries ready to sell product.”


In August, the Columbia City Council approved local ordinances for medical marijuana dispensaries and capped the number that would be allowed at seven.

Dispensaries in Columbia include GRD Columbia at 204 E. Broadway; Shangri-La Columbia at 1501 Creekwood Parkway; Shangri-La Columbia South at 3919 Peachtree Drive; CoMo Health at 4002 Ponderosa St.; QPS Missouri Holdings at 1500 Interstate 70 Drive SW; Holistic Missouri at 1400 Forum Blvd.; and BBMO 3 at 5230 Interstate 70 Drive SE.

Some of the locations, including Holistic Missouri, are already home to a CBD business, making the transition to dispensary fairly effortless.

But, across town at the Peachtree Drive Shangri-La Columbia South location, the space is still home to a car wash.

At least 800 appeals have been filed by companies that were denied licenses to cultivate, sell or manufacture marijuana products.

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