Here’s their blurb. It’s free so it’s probably worth a quick skim read at the very least.


Crisis Management in Cannabis
Just six months ago, the marijuana industry was gearing up for a new decade, full of confidence and hope for a bright future with immense growth potential.
Then not one, but two disasters struck – the vaping crisis of 2019, followed by the COVID-19 pandemic we are currently in.
Cannabis businesses learned much from the vape crisis that has helped them during the current pandemic, from practical, such
Crisis Management in Cannabis
as adjusting manufacturing processes and supply chains, to the intangible, such as composure and innovation.
The main lesson to come out of this period of uncertainty?
Crises are inevitable, and preparing for them is a universal business issue.
In this free report, MJBizDaily has compiled dozens of valuable crisis prevention and management tips to help cannabis professionals prepare for crises and, when they do happen, how to manage them.
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