MJ Biz Report: California cannabis operators sue rivals selling hemp-derived THC products

Hemp derived THC is a dirty dirty concept these days.

The authorities don’t like it and now the “industry”: is starting a civil war in the Californian courts about it.

Some big players have invested a lot of dosh on creating this type of THC product so expect to see a ongoing ding dong battle between the various camps for some time yet.


MJ Biz reports

Companies connected to a prominent San Diego marijuana retail brand are suing 10 competitors that sell hemp-derived cannabinoid products, according to court documents obtained by MJBizDaily.

Noting that state law bans hemp-derived products that contain delta-8 THC, a lawsuit filed Sept. 14 in San Diego County Superior Court claims the hemp retailers are selling edibles, vape cartridges and other products that contain more THC than what’s allowed at state-licensed cannabis stores.

The defendants include the San Francisco Bay Area-based corporate parent of popular marijuana brand Cookies, which started advertising intoxicating hemp-derived products for sale via direct mail in 12 states earlier this year.

The plaintiffs are California-licensed marijuana companies – including retailers, manufacturers and distributors – that are all connected to well-known Southern California retail chain March and Ash, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Named plaintiffs include March and Ash’s retail locations in San Diego and Imperial counties, according to court records obtained by MJBizDaily.

The plaintiffs also include Santa Rosa-based licensees Kind House Distribution and CRFT Manufacturing, both of which are affiliated with Northern California-based producer CannaCraft.

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