Here’s a taste of the piece and we tend to concur, false optimism is a dangerous path with this administration.

Last week also had a major event that created buzz within the weed community. On Wednesday, less than 24 hours after midterm elections ended, Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned, pursuant to a request from President Trump.


Of course, I tend not to agree with the pundits, or even some of my colleagues, that Sessions’ departure is that big a deal. Sessions was but one person, and the antimarijuana sentiment of the government extends well beyond just Sessions. Republicans, who have a more negative view on marijuana than Democrats or Independents, still control the Senate and presidency, meaning passing cannabis legislation could prove impossible.


One possible replacement offered by the president is former New Jersey governor and previous presidential hopeful Chris Christie. If Jeff Sessions was the nation’s most ardent opponent of marijuana, Chris Christie would certainly be its second-biggest opponent. There’s absolutely no mincing words that Christie would wage war on cannabis if allowed.

Without beating around the bush, Christie would be the worst-possible replacement choice for the legalization movement.


President Trump has also floated the idea of Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi taking over the U.S. attorney general role. While not nearly as staunch an opponent of marijuana as Christie, Bondi has gone to bat to keep smokable cannabis illegal in the state of Florida. Her argument contends that marijuana’s legalization in the state is for medicinal purposes only and that smoking cannabis (or anything for that matter) would bring harm to the patient and should therefore be banned. 

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