“Mr Cannabis” Law firm utilizes artificial intelligence to navigate cannabis regulations in multiple states

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My guest today however is an advocate for its use, at least when it comes to processing the mountains of paperwork and navigating the oftentimes contradictory levels of regulatory red-tape that comes along with establishing and running a marijuana business.  

Dustin Robinson is an attorney and founding partner of Mr. Cannabis Law, a cannabis and psychedelics-focused law firm based out of Florida. His firm is pioneering the use of AI software to help speed up and simplify a process that has become for some, an insurmountable hurdle to gaining some sort of foothold in the burgeoning industry.

Our conversation begins with Robinson explaining how he came to a career in law, by way of accounting…


More on Mr. Cannabis Law: https://mrcannabislaw.com/

Dustin Robinson’s profile: https://mrcannabislaw.com/dustin-robinson-attorney-profile/

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