My October Update .. I Will Also Be Speaking At The Texas Hemp Coalition Summit At A&M Nov 11-12


I have a podcast out on employment issues in legal cannabis states:  I also presented a Continuing Legal Education class on this Oct. 7 and may be able to get you a copy.

I will be speaking at the Texas Hemp Coalition Summit at A&M Nov. 11-12.  Come, this one focuses on industrial hemp and B2B:  I may be able to get you a discount.

MJBizCon:  Nov. 15-18:  Who’s going?  Let’s meet up.

Another fun event!  The Texas Hemp Harvest Festival Nov. 19 with music in Austin:

Last month I spoke in Jackson, MS with a consulting company I formed:

TEXAS is taking more concrete action….The time to hop on the train is NOW!

Onto the News!



Virginia cracks down on delta 8

Dark CBD?

What is THCP?

I attended this meeting with the TDA and the Honduran Government:

How stable is hemp industry in Texas?

Alabama opens applications for industrial hemp:

Learn about hemp batteries:

National Institute of Justice finds 49 of 53 hemp samples were actually marijuana:

USDA releases loan application guidance:

USA Today on delta 9:


Texas holds hearing on adding cannabis licenses:

Biden’s pardon explained by Vox:

I was interviewed about Biden’s action:

Federal agency explains how long it would take to achieve rescheduling:

Biden won’t extend pardon to those selling marijuana:

Texas Governor responds to Biden’s pardons:

Texas Senator John Cornyn opines in Wall Street Journal that Biden’s pardons lead to more violence and crime:

Pundits react to effect of Biden’s pardons on midterms:

US Drug Czar applauds Biden’s actions

White house has no updates following Biden pardon:

Mississippi Governor calls Biden’s pardon a “political stunt” that is “a pretty naïve request;” affects only 6 people in MS:

Mississippi:  lots of cultivation licenses awarded:

Mississippi program suffering from lack of staffing:

Alabama wants seed to sale tracking:

Alabama receives 380 dispensary applications:

Texas:  9 in 10 Texans don’t know there is a medical program:

Florida hold up to recreational marijuana:

Florida Circle Ks to sell medical marijuana:

Georgia halts the 2 license awards:

Arkansas YTD sales $200M:

Oklahoma Governor puts recreational use on March ballot in special election:

Maryland to vote on rec:

States with marijuana on the ballot in November:

ASTM adopts cannabis lab testing standards:

US Trade Ruling holds paraphernalia can be imported:

Yale webinar on Cannabis, Mental Illness, and Violence:

Yale study on cannabis for depression relief:

San Diego ER seeing 37 marijuana psychosis cases a day:

While Dems grandstand refusing to pass SAFE Banking Act without social equity provisions, NAACP calls on Congress to pass the bill as is because that in itself would help minority businesses:

Demographics of weed smokers:

CNN on whether marijuana is motivating for midterms:

Cannabis tech company Dutchie creates cannabis insurance product:

California lawsuit alleges company overstates THC content:

DEA upping research quantities for cannabis and psychedelics:

See some really cool dispensaries profiled in New York Times, including Woody Harrelson & Bill Maher’s:

Next time you go to DC, you may be able to purchase marijuana:

2/3 Americans want pot banking reform:

Text agreeing to pay company debt created personal guaranty:

Uber eats to deliver marijuana in Canada:

From credit union to private banking – Partners Credit Union story:

MSO settles lawsuits over THC / CBD labeling mix-up:

San Antonio 19 & 20 year olds busted for posing as DEA agents to rob Oregon farm:

Virginia Mother charged with murder in death of 4 year old who ate THC gummies:

Opposition to marijuana legalization tied to private prison system donations:

Snoop Dogg’s blunt roller explains how she got the job:

Germany to decriminalize:

Costa Rican President drafts recreational cannabis bill:


Studies on psychedelics for chronic pain:

Ketamine for acute cluster headaches:

Cannabis + mushrooms for cancer:

Time Magazine on psychedelics for end of life:

Oregon company awarded license to train facilitators:

Interesting study on LSD for anxiety:

Compass psilocybin study for treatment resistant depression enters 3rd stage:

A good slide deck on the psychedelics industry:

New legal challenge against DEA over denial of Right to Try laws and rejection of recent rescheduling petition:

SxSW cannabis and psychedelics panels:


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