NCIA & INCBA Get Into Bed Together

Are they just lovers or will they get married soon?

NCIA and INCBA Partnership

We are pleased to have partnered with the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) to offer joint INCBA+NCIA memberships to individual attorneys and INCBA Allied Partners looking to join both organizations at a discount.

This is a critical strategic partnership because NCIA is doing important work advocating for federal policy changes that our attorneys and their clients in the industry need to prosper. NCIA’s advocacy work is also a perfect compliment to the educational resources we proudly provide our members.

Joint memberships for Individual Attorneys are only $750 total. Compare that to the $1,350 price tag of joining both organizations separately. Joint memberships for INCBA Allied Partners is only $1,500, which is a $400 savings over joining both organizations separately.

New INCBA Members

NCIA + INCBA Bundle Options

Bundled Option

NCIA Membership Pricing

INCBA Membership Pricing

Annual Joint membership Dues Total

NCIA Seedling Membership + INCBA Attorney Membership (individual attorneys only)

Seedling Level = $1,000 a year

Attorney = $350 a year

$750 ($600 savings)

NCIA Seedling Membership + INCBA Allied Partner Membership

Seedling Level = $1,000 a year

Allied Partner = $900 a year

$1,500 ($400 savings)

This pricing for NCIA and INCBA bundled memberships will only be available between now and December 31 so act now and secure your membership here!

Existing INCBA Members

NCIA is also offering INCBA members who are not yet members of NCIA the opportunity to join their association at the discounted rate of $500 annually (normally $1,000). Please contact to learn how to take advantage of this special.

The annual fee will be prorated based on the number of months you have left in your annual INCBA membership (i.e. if you have only 6 months left in your INCBA membership, you can add an NCIA membership to the rest of that term for $250). At the end of your membership term, those who choose to do so will have both memberships renewed at the discounted annual rate.

Individual Attorneys who are already NCIA members will have the opportunity to transition into a discounted joint membership when their membership term with NCIA is up for renewal.

Founded in 2010, NCIA is the largest and most respected trade association advancing the interest of cannabis businesses nationally. They are also the only full-service trade association in the industry offering significant benefits to help members realize ROI and gain a competitive advantage over those who are sitting on the sidelines of the reform movement.

We hope you take advantage of this great opportunity to support NCIA’s efforts along with the great work you’re already supporting at INCBA.

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