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A  lawsuit filed earlier this week in Clark County District Court appears to be the first legal pushback against the Nevada Department of Taxation since the agency awarded more than 60 new conditional dispensary licenses last week.

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MM Development Company Inc., which goes by the names Planet 13 and Medizin and is headed by a former Henderson mayor Bob Groesbeck and city councilman Larry Scheffler, filed the lawsuit after being denied on all six of its applications for a license for six different jurisdictions.

“The Department’s flawed interpretation of the provisions of [state laws and regulations], and refusal to issue ‘conditional’ licenses in accordance with the law constitute and cause continuing and irreparable harm to Plaintiff with no adequate remedy at law,” the suit says. “The purpose of this refusal was and is to unreasonably interfere with Plaintiff’s business and causing Plaintiff to suffer irreparable harm.”


Nevada officials did not release the names or scores of those who won any of the conditional licenses, citing confidentiality provisions in state marijuana regulations. Transparency advocates have said the secrecy provisions are a misapplication of old rules meant to protect medical marijuana patients and serve no valid purpose now.

Taxation department spokeswoman Stephanie Klapstein said the agency has scheduled several score reviews in January for applicants who want an explanation on why they did or did not win a license, but she said she could not speak publicly about the specifics of any applicant’s score.

“Our process was to score and rank applications by jurisdiction, and if there were (for example) five licenses available in a jurisdiction, the five applicants who scored the highest (and thus ranked as the  top five) were awarded the licenses,” she said.

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