Nevada cannabis firm accused of failing to pay state taxes

The Las Vegas Review Jnl reports

A marijuana cultivator and producer in Washoe County could lose its license after it avoided paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes, according to a complaint filed by the Cannabis Compliance Board this week.

NNV Operations I, INC, which operates under the name Silver State Trading, had numerous unpaid or underpaid wholesale marijuana taxes to the Department of Taxation dating back to June 2019, according to the complaint filed by the board. The state collects a 15 percent wholesale cultivation and production tax on marijuana in the state.

The Nevada attorney general’s office, which prepared the complaint for the Compliance Board, recommended that the company’s four licenses — they hold medical and recreational licenses for cultivation and production — be revoked as well as a $90,000 fine if the board deems the violations intentional, or $220,000 if unintentional.

The company paid no taxes for 11 of 12 months from June 2019 to May 2020. The company underpaid their taxes on the other month, according to the complaint. NNV also did not pay wholesale marijuana taxes for February, March or April of this year.

The complaint details more than $468,000 in unpaid taxes from the company, and an additional $111,000 in penalties and interest owed for those tax debts.

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