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Approved recreational cannabis retailers in Nevada will be allowed to conduct in-store sales starting Saturday as part of the governor’s broader plan to open up the state amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nevada regulators had softened rules for marijuana stores as the coronavirus outbreak developed, at first only allowing delivery and then permitting curbside sales.

The Official statement says

Under the Governor’s previous executive order, retail cannabis dispensaries were able to offer curbside sales. Under the Phase 1 directive, that will be expanded to include the ability to conduct in-store sales under the following guidance from
the Marijuana Enforcement Division / Cannabis Compliance Board:
• Retail cannabis dispensaries are encouraged to continue curbside, delivery and pick-up operations.
• May conduct in-store sales after submitting plan and receiving approval from the Marijuana Enforcement Division.
Must adhere to strict social distancing requirements.
o Retail businesses shall limit the number of customers in their facility at any given time to no more than 10 customers or 50% of allowed occupancy based on applicable fire code; whichever is fewer.
o Consultations virtually or by phone / email whenever possible.
• Employees will be required to wear face coverings; facilities must turn away any customer refusing to wear a face covering.


According to South Tahoe Now, adult-use cannabis stores are encouraged to continue curbside pickup and delivery operations but can conduct in-store sales if strict social-distancing guidelines are followed.
Now, effective May 9, retailers can resume selling marijuana in stores after submitting a plan and receiving approval from the state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division.

Nevada’s marijuana retailers are required to limit the number of customers on premises to no more than 10, or 50% of allowed occupancy based on fire code, whichever is a smaller number.

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Nevada OKs resumption of in-store sales for some marijuana retailers