New Map Provides Clarity On Delta 8 Legal Status In The USA

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In my opinion the most significant investment opportunity RIGHT NOW ✅️ is the “unenforced” transfer across state lines of Delta-8 THC products derived from hemp. Online platforms have been KILLING it selling to all 50 states since the D8 explosion two years ago.

There are points in time, windows 🪟 of opportunity that open and close quickly in the cannabis and hemp space. Those who are in the know and have the means capitalize on these windows.

Delta-8 THC products are a lightning rod for controversy as many are fighting to eliminate it from the market or regulate it more tightly. I believe that for the time being, as it is legal and sold ethically, it is a legitimate business opportunity, and a great opportunity for the public to gain familiarity with the effects.

I personally dont favor marijuana edibles, I’m more of a smoker due to the narcotic-like effects edibles tend have on me. They make me drowsy and I just fall asleep.

Delta-8 has an uplifting effect on me, it erases my mind completely, leaving me feeling happy and goofy 🤪 confident and unable to overthink things and react more. I really like it.

The Delta-8 segment is currently legal in 30 states

1. Alabama
2. Arkansas
3. Florida
4. Georgia
5. Hawaii
6. Illinois
7. Indiana
8. Kansas
9. Kentucky
10. Maine (mmj/recreational 420 legal)
11. Maryland
12. ****Update : Massachusetts (mmj/recreational 420 legal) does NOT allow Delta-8
13. Missouri
14. Nebraska
15. New Hampshire
16. New Jersey (mmj/recreational 420 legal)
17. New Mexico
18. North Carolina
19. Ohio
20. Oklahoma
21. Pennsylvania
22. South Carolina
23. South Dakota
24. Tennessee
25. Texas
26. Virginia
27. West Virginia
28. Wisconsin
29. Wyoming
30. Washington D.C. (mmj/recreational 420 legal)
31. Minnesota added July 22

Meanwhile, delta-8’s legality is unclear in 3 states:

1. Arizona (mmj/recreational 420 legal)
2. California (mmj/recreational 420 legal)
3. Mississippi

Finally, Delta-8 THC is illegal in 14 states

1. Alaska (mmj/recreational 420 legal)
2. Colorado (mmj/recreational 420 legal)
3. Delaware
4. Idaho
5. Iowa
6. Montana
7. New York (mmj/recreational 420 legal)
8. Nevada (mmj/recreational 420 legal)
9. North Dakota
10. Oregon (mmj/recreational 420 legal)
11. Rhode Island
12. Vermont (mmj/recreational 420 legal)
13. Utah
14. Washington (mmj/recreational 420 legal)
****Update : Massachusetts

7 of 14 states have a medical and recreational marijuana legalization program, yet Delta-8 is illegal 😳 this is an eye opener.

Only 3 states have a clear program that allow CBD derived Delta-8, medical, and recreational cannabis!

1. Maine
2. New Jersey
3. Washington D.C.

When you really drill down you can see how variable and nuanced the regulations and laws around cannabis are, how they conflict and sometimes overlap.

This is a complex industry and I hope this post helps you navigate the landscape a bit easier.


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