New Report From New Frontier Data: Global Cannabis Trade: Emerging Regional Import & Export Opportunities

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With more than 70 countries globally having liberalized their cannabis policies, a foundation is being set for the emergence of a global cannabis economy. In our latest report, Global Cannabis Trade: Emerging Regional Import & Export Opportunities, we reveal opportunities presented by the creation of the new legal markets and examine logistical challenges of crafting a safe and stable marketplace for consumers. 


Key Report Findings:

  • Medical use:  The global market is primarily medical, but the diversity of cannabis products will continue to create new opportunities for producers as well as new regulatory responses from nation-states.

  • Mega-producers: China is estimated to produce 50% of all hemp grown globally, and countries that are strongly positioned to undercut production costs are increasingly likely to become the locus of production for cannabis biomass.

  • Complex regulatory environment: In 2020 alone, only 74% of permitted flower in Canada was shipped for export; for cannabis oils, the percentage was 49%, an indication of the difficulties in projecting demand across foreign markets presented by complex regulatory frameworks. 


It’s free and you can download here but you will need to give them some info

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