New Title: Dean K Matt – “Gone To Pot”

Here’s a little bit of background about Matt and his recently published book. Simply put, he talks a lot of sense about the industry and how far it has to go.


Having earned an MBA from the #1 MBA-Finance program in the country (University of Chicago), a BS-Accountancy from the perennial #1 undergraduate accounting program in the country (University of Illinois), and a CPA, Dean Matt has seen it all in over thirty years in the C-suite.


In his latest adventure, Dean came out of retirement for a unique opportunity as a CFO for a multi-state cannabis industry company.  Eightshort months later, that company was sold for almost $1 billion in what was at the time the largest transaction in the history of the U.S. cannabis industry.  To date, he has worked with about a dozen companies in the industry.


Book Review of GONE TO POT: Welcome to the Sh*t Show

Industry leading media outlet GREEN MARKET REPORT’s insightful book review of GONE TO POT excerpts:

“While we love, and appreciate the growth of the marijuana industry we must not turn a blind eye to the negative aspects of it for fear of seeing it degenerate as so many other industries have.

If we wish to protect the integrity of the growing cannabis industry, then books such as ‘Gone to Pot’ are absolutely vital to shed light upon the parasites that are attempting to grow by attaching themselves to an industry that means so much to so many people.”

Bill Snow, author of Mergers & Acquisitions for Dummies, wrote the FOREWORD for my book. He fittingly observes:

“Naïve, wild eye, energetic, enigmatic, persuasive, and glib are their (i.e. cannabis “executives”) calling cards as they chase ephemeral riches and ill-defined profits from half-baked ideas, wrangle investment capital and board guidance from those who should know better, and extract labor and aspirational hopes from those who don’t.

We’ve seen this story before. And we’ll see it again. The only question is will we learn?”

Full book review and link to order from Amazon:

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Dean has served as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Controller, and in Mergers & Acquisitions positions from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies and in privately-held, private equity-backed, and publicly-held environments.  Dean has taken companies public, endured bankruptcies, survived the bubble, uncovered Ponzi schemes sending executives to prison, and has helped engineer many successful exits, netting shareholders billions.  He has worked for world-class entrepreneurs such as Bradley Jacobs (United Waste Systems, United Rentals, XPO Logistics) and Wayne Huizenga (Waste Management, Auto Nation USA, Blockbuster Video, Boston
Market, Extended Stay America, Republic Waste, and more). Dean’s storytelling ability was honed and recognized at a young age, winning awards from the National College of Teachers of English and Gwendolyn Brooks, Illinois’ Poet Laureate.  He also hosted a reality TV show pilot for a travel and golf-themed show called The Grass is Greener.



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