Changes to terminology around applications for cannabis-based products

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The Release:

These changes are visible on the Ministry’s website, where the previously used description medicinal cannabis has been replaced by cannabis-based products.

Additionally, the previously used term criteria has been replaced by guidelines to better reflect how applications in this area are assessed.

Forms used during the application process for such products have been changed to incorporate the new description.

The changes do not impact on the legal status of cannabis or any cannabis-based products.

They have been made to provide more clarity and consistency in describing cannabis-based products, when compared to other products or substances in the area of medicines control.

More information is available on the Prescribing cannabis-based products page.

Additionally, the Ministry is today publishing a document which it believes may be of public interest. The document outlines external consultation which recently took place on the guidelines used to assess applications to prescribe cannabis-based products.

Included is an amendment to the guidelines which means that a patient no longer needs to be hospitalised when treatment with a non-pharmaceutical grade cannabis-based product is initiated: