NH Legislature Says No To Adult Use Cannabis – Gov Says OK… How About Approaching Cannabis Sales Like Liquor Sales


“NH is the only state in New England where recreational use is not legal,” the governor said. “Knowing that a majority of our residents support legalization, it is reasonable to assume change is inevitable. To ignore this reality would be shortsighted and harmful.”

“That is why, with the right policy and framework in place, I stand ready to sign a legalization bill that puts the State of NH in the drivers seat, focusing on harm reduction—not profits,” he said. “Similar to our Liquor sales, this path helps to keep substances away from kids by ensuring the State of New Hampshire retains control of marketing, sales, and distribution—eliminating any need for additional taxes. As such, the bill that was defeated in NH this session was not the right path for our state.”

Sununu listed specific provisions that he feels should be incorporated into a state-run marijuana legalization bill, including local control that allows cities to ban cannabis retailers from operating in their area.


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