NM: Cannabis Has Business License Revoked for Illegally Obtaining Cannabis for Retail Purposes

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — New Mexico regulators revoked the license of an Albuquerque cannabis business and ordered them to pay nearly $300,000 in fines.

Regulators accuse Golden Roots – doing business as the Cannabis Revolution Dispensary – of illegally obtaining cannabis from BioTrack and improperly transporting it. They also accuse the business of nine other reported violations.

The business must stop all commercial activity and recall all of its cannabis products. They must also pay $298,972.05 for money earned while allegedly possessing and distributing illegal products.

Just two months after getting its license, Golden Roots reportedly requested to enter fully-grown, harvested and dried cannabis plants into the system.

Cannabis Control Division officials grew suspicious of this. They say plants usually take far beyond two months to reach that point.

Compliance officers then inspected the business’s growing facility in Albuquerque. There, they reportedly found no evidence of a functional cannabis production site. They also didn’t find any evidence of cannabis plants having been grown there.

Later, they reportedly found the company moved fully grown and harvested cannabis plants off-site within a month of receiving its license. Regulators say that violates the Cannabis Regulation Act.

The business reportedly requested an evidentiary hearing on Sept. 1 in Albuquerque. However, no one from the business reportedly showed up.

According to the NMRLD, Golden Roots is the third cannabis business to have its license revoked. They are reportedly the first cannabis business to face large fines for illegal activity.


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