NORML Publish Their Annual Governors Scorecard On Cannabis

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NORML Governors ScorecardNORML is pleased to announce the release of our 2020 Gubernatorial Scorecard. This extensive database assigns a letter grade ‘A’ through ‘F’ to states’ governors based upon their comments and voting records in 2019 specific to matters of marijuana policy.

Public opinion in support of marijuana law reform, including adult-use legalization, is at an all-time high. Nonetheless, few federal lawmakers are espousing views on cannabis policy that comport with those of the majority of their constituents. As a result, most legislative activity specific to marijuana policy takes place at the state level. America’s governors are our nation’s most powerful state-elected officials and they often play a key role in this ongoing legislative debate. Here is where each of them stands on issues surrounding cannabis policy.

Important and timely publications such as this are only made possible when concerned citizens become involved with NORML. Please consider making a  today so we may continue to work towards legalization and providing you the tools necessary to be an informed voter.


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