A cannabis attorney says blackouts in Northern California have affected legal marijuana dispensaries and distributors who cannot comply with some state regulations without electricity.

Lauren Mendelsohn, of Santa Rosa, says some farms are running on generators but distributors and dispensaries may not have backup power for the state’s track-and-trace system for inventory. She says they may also have lost the ability to control temperature within facilities.

One million people remain without power as Pacific Gas & Electric tires to prevent wildfires by cutting electricity.

Mendelsohn lost power in her Santa Rosa apartment Saturday evening. She says she believes PG&E needs to be addressed by state lawmakers because the public’s voice will not do enough.

Gov. Gavin Newsom and top utility regulators have accused the utility of mismanaging its power system.

Source:  https://www.dailyprogress.com/business/wire/the-latest-lawyer-outages-affecting-legal-pot-businesses/article_20f0c2d8-16ab-5fa9-a899-778d0abd5b70.html