NY: Clinton Community College now offering three cannabis courses

PLATTSBURGH — Clinton Community College is trying to get ahead of the fast-growing cannabis industry.

Within the last year, CCC has begun offering three new certificate courses for those 18 and older who might be interested in a cannabis career or for those who are just looking to gain more knowledge about their hobby.

“It’s something that is easier for a community college to jump into quicker than a four-year school because, you know, we’re in workforce development here, and workforce development seems to be flexible and move quickly when this type of training comes around. So we did grab right ahold of it,” Angela Kelley, community and workforce specialist at CCC, said.

“I don’t know if you can hear it in my voice, but I’m very (much) a proponent of it (cannabis) … if it’s going to be legalized, I just feel very strongly that we need to get the education out there so that people can have the right training.”


Of CCC’s three offered certificate courses, one focuses on the manufacturing aspects of cannabis; one focuses on teaching the job skills and knowledge necessary to become a dispensary associate at dispensaries; and one focuses on the more advanced job skills and knowledge necessary to become a cultivation technician in the field.

More information on the certificates can be found here: https://clinton.cannabisstudiesonline.com/#reqinfo

“Here at Clinton, we thought it was important for at least the cultivation educational piece to be something that we offered, (because) more than likely, it would be for a backyard grower,” Kelley said.

“So that they had the opportunity to not only, you know, have successful plantings, but be safe health wise … in what they were producing so that there wasn’t any kind of cross contamination to where they go to use the product, and then they become ill, because it was not cultivated properly.”

She said the dispensary associate certificate was important for them to offer as well, because of the several dispensaries rumored to be coming to the North Country.

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