Oklahoma cannabis regulators are seeking to revoke the licenses of 165 medical cannabis cultivators for failing to post signage on their property as required under a bill from last year.

Ganjapreneur reports

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) is seeking to revoke the licenses of 165 cultivation facilities in the state for failing to post signage on their property as required under a bill that took effect last year. The law requires licensed medical cannabis growers in the state to have a sign indicating their business name, phone number, address, and business license number and allows for immediate revocation of their license if the signage is not up within 60 days after license renewal.

In a statement, OMMA Executive Director Adria Berry said that following the bill’s passage, OMMA inspectors “immediately began noting which facilities were in compliance and which ones were not.”

“As a regulatory body, it’s our job to ensure the licensed medical marijuana industry is in compliance with state laws and regulations. Consistent regulation is essential for shaping a balanced and well-regulated cannabis market in our state. Kudos to the thousands of businesses out there that took the time to put up proper signage.” — Berry in a press release

The agency notes that within the last year, OMMA inspectors have completed almost 7,000 inspections and 4,600 operational status visits, which led to the seizure of nearly five tons of illicit cannabis and an entire dispensary, and the embargo of around 3,000 pounds of cannabis and nearly 71,200 plants. The agency said it has also assisted law enforcement partners throughout the state more than 114 times, including conducting 13 search warrants which led to an arrest, and 65 location visits to investigate complaints.


Oklahoma Regulators Seek to Revoke 165 Medical Cannabis Cultivation Licenses

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