Oklahoma officials seize thousands of pounds of cannabis, shut down five businesses

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority announced Tuesday the agency along with law enforcement in Kay County recently shut down five marijuana businesses. This comes after the authority recently increased scrutiny of Oklahoma’s potential to overproduce and export the product, likely fed by illegal grows.

  1. According to the orders, on Sept. 11, investigators at Polar Lights LLC found six large blue storage containers filled with 160 pounds of untraceable and untagged marijuana.
  2. At JN Green Grow, officials found thousands of untagged and untraceable marijuana plants and numerous totes, coolers, plastic bags and trash bags filled with suspected illicit marijuana. 
  3. On Sept. 13, there were 31 vacuum-sealed bags with untraceable marijuana were discovered at DIHOW.
  4. Investigators at Zhangs Farm found more than 3,400 untagged marijuana plants and untraceable harvested marijuana. 
  5. Officers at L&L Magic Grower found 14 trash bags with 214 pounds of untraceable marijuana. 

Responding to complaints about medical marijuana businesses in the Ponca City area, the authority and Kay County law enforcement from Sept. 11 to Sept. 14 performed 19 routine compliance inspections at licensed facilities and seized or embargoed 14,000 marijuana plants and 4,850 pounds of marijuana.

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority filed emergency orders that immediately shut down growers, pending further administrative action.

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